The Be Inspired Radio Network is committed to bringing broadcasters together in community in collaboration with the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network and Loves Church Online.

The “Be Inspired Radio Network” is designed to provide a 24 hour platform and community for international talk radio programming and independent musical artists. 

The English speaking programs are hosted by; teachers of philosophy, spiritualists, mental health experts, life coaches, clergy, light workers, occultists, mentors, counselors, parapsychologists, paranormal enthusiasts, mediums, behaviorists, healers, social issues, alternative thinkers, truth seekers and so many more areas. 

NOTE - Spring / Summer 2023: Due to the increase in solar flare activity affect earth in the region of our servers - we will be experiencing radio outages. Please be patient while nature affects our technology in ways beyond our control.  Thank you.

Benefits of Airing a Show on the Be Inspired Radio Network:

Networking Benefits:

• Cost effective

• Personify your brand

• Target your niche’ audience

• Build credibility

• Time efficiency

• Meet new people

• Make an impression on new audiences

• Gain international exposure

• Be a positive influence

FACT: People listen to internet radio on their mobile cellular devices in the car using, auxiliary inputs, bluetooth. They are listening at home on desktops, laptops, tablets and wireless speakers.

Larger Footprint than Satellite Radio and yet Even More Exposure than Local AM / FM!

What do the statistics say?

USA Online Radio Statistics & Facts:

According to latest data, 67% of the United States population, (more than 219 million Americans) listened to internet radio in 2019; tuning in for about 12 hours every week! These numbers have been steadily increasing due to the pandemic and higher internet usage and radio interest.

The “Be Inspired Radio Network” has expanded its reach through its partners. We are constantly expanding our global presence and can be found on the following platforms through independent listings or within our partners listings: