✓ Cost effective

✓ Personify your brand

✓ Target your niche’ audience

✓ Build credibility

✓ Time efficiency

✓ Meet new people

✓ Make an impression

✓ Gain international exposure

✓ Be a positive influence

✓ No long-term contract

What’s Included monthly:

✔ Five hours of airtime for your pre-recorded talk show and/or commercials

✔ One weekly scheduled airtime slot

✔ Unlimited re-airs on a 24 hour roulette system (varies during open airtime)

✔ Moderated radio chatroom

✔ Show promotion

✔ Calendar listing

✔ Production consultation

✔ Unique web address for your show

✔ Radio player code for your website

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The Be Inspired Radio Network is accepting your Talk Radio Show Programming and advertising.

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It's So Simple!

Record your show(s) and commercials in .mp3 format and have them ready to send to the station manager.

Store your shows and commercials in a free Google Drive account.

Once subscribed to a hosting plan, our station manager will contact you and provide you with detailed instructions to submit your content.